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John Sviokla

John Sviokla's website (official or not)
subjects John Sviokla writes about Customer Relationship
John Sviokla's profile John J. Sviokla is an associate professor and Baxter Fellow in Information Technology at the Harvard Business School. He received his B.A. from Harvard College and his M.B.A. and D.B.A. from the Harvard Business School with a major in Management Information Systems.

Dr. Sviokla's current work focuses on advanced information technology. In particular, it addresses how managers can effectively use the power of technology to create more value for customers and extract value through superior financial performance. He is exploring how managers can use information technology to improve profitability and overall organizational performance. His most recent study in this research program investigates the implementation of an expert system to aid insurance field sales people selling life insurance. It is a field experiment that compares the use, or non-use, of the same technology in four similar organizations by a potential 10,000 users over a multi-year time frame. The research is relevant for managers implementing new technology to support knowledge workers and for academics interested in the implementation of new technology.

Dr. Sviokla, along with HBS colleague Dr. Jeffrey Rayport, is developing a new course at HBS entitled "Managing in the Marketspace." An article with the same title appeared in the November-December issue of the Harvard Business Review. The Marketplace research explores new ways to harness emerging computer and communication infrastructures to manage better, increase customer satisfaction, and go to market more effectively. Dr. Sviokla and Dr. Rayport are developing course materials for "Managing in the Marketplace," a course designed to impart to students an understanding of the general management opportunities created by the growing deployment of information technology at three basic levels of business activity: products and services, business processes, and markets. Course materials investigate how the transformation of products and services from "physical" to "information-based" changes fundamentally the economics of business (e.g., the transformation of the videocassette product into a video-on-demand service), nature of management processes (e.g., the impact of videoconferencing or "virtual meetings" on organizational structures and systems), and character of markets (e.g., electronic or information-based markets and distribution channels will require new rules and demand new management skills).

The Harvard Business School Press has published two books edited by Sviokla and colleague Dr. Benson Shapiro: Seeking Customers and Keeping Customers. Dr. Sviokla's other publications include: "Staple Yourself to an Order" with Drs. Benson Shapiro and Kash Rangan in the Harvard Business Review, "Expert Systems and Their Impact on the Firm: A New View of XCON" in the Management Information Systems Quarterly, and "The Effect of Expert Systems Use on the Information Processing of the Firm" in the Journal of Management Information Systems. A member of the National Academy of Management and the Institute for Management Science, Dr. Sviokla is also regularly invited to speak and present papers at international conferences on information systems research.

Dr. Sviokla is an active consultant and teaches regularly in corporate executive programs. Among the organizations he has worked with recently are Coopers & Lybrand, Decision Support Technologies, Digital Equipment Corporation, IBM, Index, Monsanto, Nolan & Norton, Spring Industries, Texas Instruments, and Travelers. At Harvard, he has taught courses on management information systems, marketing, knowledge-based systems, managerial economics, and research topics in the doctoral program. Dr. Sviokla also teaches in the Harvard Business School executive education programs.

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Seeking and Keeping Customers With Field Guide
Buy Seeking and Keeping Customers With Field Guide from Amazon  By Sviokla, John Amazon's customers rating

Designed for the popular PowerBook or any large screen Macintosh, this electronic sourcebook contains the text of two Harvard Business School Press books and a glossary of marketing terms. It enables...

Ranking at Amazon 19421191
 Harvard Business School Press
 December 1994 - Software
 Customer Relationship
Our price: n/a (list: $49.95)
Used from: n/a
Information updated on 02/02/2018
Buy Seeking and Keeping Customers With Field Guide from Amazon
Keeping Customers
Buy Keeping Customers from Amazon  By Sviokla, John Amazon's customers rating

Essays cover market orientation, order management, customer service, quality, service guarantees, customer complaints, zero defects, and performance measurement

Ranking at Amazon 675783
 Harvard Business School Press
 April 1993 - Hardcover
 Customer Relationship
Our price: n/a (list: $45)
Used from: $2
Information updated on 02/02/2018
Buy Keeping Customers from Amazon
Seeking Customers
Buy Seeking Customers from Amazon  By Sviokla, John Amazon's customers rating

Essays discuss communication with customers, market research, industrial selling, pricing, negotiation, sales management, and hybrid marketing systems

Ranking at Amazon 3455860
 Harvard Business School Press
 April 1993 - Paperback
 Customer Relationship
Our price: $14.49 (list: $45)
Used from: $3
Information updated on 02/16/2018
Buy Seeking Customers from Amazon

3 books found
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