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S. Mark Young

S. Mark Young's website (official or not)
subjects S. Mark Young writes about Managerial Accounting
S. Mark Young's profile S. Mark Young holds the KPMG Foundation Professorship in Accounting and a joint appointment as Professor of Management and Organization in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. Previously, Professor Young served as Associate Dean and Academic Director of the Marshall MBA Program. Dr Young received an A.B. from Oberlin College (Economics), an M. Acc. from the Ohio State University, and a Ph.D. (Accounting) from the University of Pittsburgh.

Professor Young teaches management accounting in the Marshall MBA and Ph.D. programs at USC but is also in the process of developing a new course on entertainment management. His research has been sponsored by the National Science Foundation and he has published in a variety of business journals. Currently he is a member of several editorial boards and was past Associate Editor for the Accounting Review. In 2003, Young won the Notable Contribution to the Management Accounting Literature Award for his book, Implementing Management Innovations: Lessons Learned from Activity Based Manufacuring in the U.S. Automobile Industry (co-authored with Shannon Anderson, Kluwer Academic Press, 2001). Young and colleague Frank Selto also won the award in 1994.

Dr. Young has been the recipient of four outstanding teaching awards at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including the Golden Apple Teaching Award at USC. In 2003 the fourth edition of his textbook, Management Accounting (co-authored with Robert Kaplan, Tony Atkinson) and the accompanying text, Readings in Management Accounting will be published in by Prentice Hall. He also coauthored Blast Off! Rockets, Robots, Ray guns and Rarities from the Golden Age of Space Toys (with Mike Richardson and Steve Duin, Dark Horse Books, 2001), a volume on the social history of vintage space toys.

As a CET Fellow, Professor Young would like to focus his attention on mentoring graduate students and faculty members who desire to improve their teaching effectiveness by honing their presentation skills, developing their own personal teaching styles, and creating a disciplined, but exciting and enjoyable classroom environment.

3 books found
Management Accounting
Buy Management Accounting from Amazon  By Atkinson, Anthony Amazon's customers rating

AUDIENCE: For upper level undergraduate and MBA Management Accounting courses.


APPROACH: Atkinson is a managerially-oriented book...

Ranking at Amazon 1245062

 Prentice Hall
 December 2006 - Hardcover
 Managerial Accounting
Our price: n/a (list: $166.67)
Used from: $1.29
Information updated on 10/13/2017
Buy Management Accounting from Amazon
Management Accounting
Buy Management Accounting from Amazon  By Kaplan, Robert S. Amazon's customers rating

Unique in approach, this book provides a balanced, cohesive integration of management and accounting that has been noticeably missing from current books. This book uses an activity-based...

Ranking at Amazon 7351287
 Prentice Hall
 October 2000 - Hardcover
 Managerial Accounting
Our price: $33 (list: $120)
Used from: $2.61
Information updated on 10/15/2017
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Readings in Management Accounting
Buy Readings in Management Accounting from Amazon  By Young, S. Mark Amazon's customers rating

This reader contains thirty-nine recent business press and academic articles--all representing state-of-the-art thinking and examples on a wide variety of management accounting topics in many types of

Ranking at Amazon 15149055
 Prentice Hall
 August 2000 - Paperback
 Managerial Accounting
Our price: $39.99 (list: $45)
Used from: $1.95
Information updated on 09/14/2017
Buy Readings in Management Accounting from Amazon

3 books found
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